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Off to DragonCon again tomorrow! Wish me loads of luck!
New Paul Pic
Paul to appear at TV Movie Fest, Peterborough, October 2015
Anyone going to DragonCon this year?
Bristol Beer & Blake's 7 - Saturday 26th July 2014
Paul convinced Stephen Grief to go to Conventions
Fan Gathering - Sunday 13th April 2014
Birmingham Beer & Blake's 7 - 26th October 2013
Raiders of the Lost Carpark
Bristol Beer & Blake's 7 - 20th July 2013
Jacqueline Pearce's Audio autobiography
BBC TV Centre tour - Sunday 20 January 2013
Tales of Terror and Mystery
Bristol Beer & Blake's 7 - 15th September 2012
Big Finish Day 2 - 11 Feb
Steven Pacey - Spamalot
Jacqueline Pearce - autobiography release
Avon Posters for sale
Merchandise from October Convention
Blake's 7 Prints on sale
Bristol Beer & Blake's 7 - 23rd July 2011
October Minicon
Shore Leave Convention USA 31st year
Blake's 7 filming location visits
Collectormania Nov 28th
Bristol Beer & Blake's 7 - 24 July 2010
Nottingham Beer & Blake's 7 - 15 May 2010
Dr Who Hurricane Convention USA
Gamer Events
Shore Leave Annual Convention Maryland USA
Are there any Blake's Seven conventions to talk about?
1980s conventions
General Sci-fi Events
US conventions
B7 Events
Old Star One Conventions
Best Convention You Ever Went to?
Nexus conventions
Redemption Events
Local Events?
Fan Events
Aftermath. A beginnerís eye view of the B7 con.
Aftermath. Sept 2008
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